Strawberry Custard


WE ARE NOT "Fast Fashion" because we believe clothes should not be bought at next to nothing prices to simply wear once and then throw away. WE ARE NOT going to launch 100's of new styles each week. We care about the clothing we sell and we care more about the environment so instead we will be launching LIMITED new styles every month.

WE DO care about the quality of our garments and we ensure at all costs that no shortcuts are taken when producing them. WE CARE about the environment because we know that this is our only home so we do our best to ensure the least amount of damage is done to the environment from designing the clothes all the way to being delivered to you. WE SUPPORT PETA and other charities to ensure the absolute least amount of animal products are used during the process of our clothes.

The Strawberry Custard shopper is fashion conscious... although they want the latest and greatest trends, they also know that it shouldn't be made in sweatshops or in third world countries. They care about the environment because although its cool to look on trend... it's even cooler to care about the environment.

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