Welcome to our 24 / 7 Hoopermarket. Our Mission; for every single female around the world to own a fabulous pair of premium quality, featherlight, sterling silver hoop earrings.

Our #1 Rule: Made in Italy; the land of craftmanship, great taste, style and design. Our Collections; Our hoops and huggies come in a huge variety of sizes and styles in 3 x colourways; silver, gold and rose gold; for daytime, night-time, party-time, gym-time, holiday-time and everything imbetween.

Our History: Georgiana Scott Jewellery is our founder label, often referred to as the 'Queen of Hoops' by regular customers; for her fantastic selection of great quality hoops focussing on classics with a twist; pain-free and without the premium price tag. We realised the hoops needed a home of their own...and THE HOOP STATION was launched in 2014.

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