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Our name translates to ”Life of Elegance” - Welcome to Vita Grace where you will find a carefully curated collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories. Our aim is to offer affordable luxury where style is synonymous with comfort. We hope to inspire women to dress in a way which makes them feel as special as they are. Beauty really begins once you decide to be yourself. Founded and created following the creation of a successful jewellery brand spanning over 10 years, we realised that the customers who love our jewellery designs also love our own style. After many a request over the years to introduce clothing we decided to close our little boutique and re open a larger online store where we can welcome customers from around the world. Believing that dressing is an art form along with an expression of an individuals personality. Remembering back to being a little girl and dressing up in whatever you felt like wearing without a care in the world, our mission is to allow women to find that inner little girl who loved to dress up - no matter what the occasion! "Playing dress-up begins at age 5 and should never truly end" Vita Grace is unique, just like you. We hope you love our store as much as we loved creating it for you.

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