We Are We Wear

Introducing ‘WE ARE WE WEAR’

There is nothing more frustrating than shopping for swimwear, finding something you love and then finding out that your size is not available.

‘WE ARE WE WEAR’ is a swimwear brand that aims to challenge this by providing a range from XS to XXL – across all styles.

Created by Natalie Paul, previously a designer at Asos, & former buyer at Asos Chelsea Williams, the duo have used their experience at one of the biggest online fashion players to build a brand that challenges the unrealistic and unachievable perceptions that the industry puts upon women.

‘We Are We Wear’ believe EVERY woman should feel confident in swimwear. Natalie and Chelsea are advocates for body positivity and want to encourage women to be themselves. The brand and every collection produced stands behind this ethos.

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