Ultimate Guide On How To Wear A Jumpsuit

Green And Navy Printed Tie Waist Jumpsuit By AX Paris | £45.00

Do you like the idea of a jumpsuit but worry that you can’t pull one off? Well, fear not, because we’re here with the ultimate guide on how to rock these one-piece outfits like a style pro. Whether you’re into casual styles, all-out glam, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

These versatile and stylish all-in-ones can be worn in various settings, ranging from casual to formal occasions. We’ve pulled together a wide array of styles, fabrics, and designs, making them suitable for different body types and personal preferences.


Think sleeveless, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, halter neck, and more. And in the bottom half department, we’ve got wide-legged, tapered, straight, cropped, or even culotte-style. Have a scroll and find your future favourites here. 


How To Style A Jumpsuit


Whether you’re going for a casual day out, a fancy evening event, or anything in between, here’s a guide on how to style a jumpsuit to perfection:


  1. Casual Cool

First up, let’s talk about casual jumpsuits. These babies are your go-to for a laid-back day out or a cosy evening with friends. Think of them as the cooler cousin of your trusty jeans and tee combo. Pair a simple striped jumpsuit with white sneakers and oversized sunglasses for an effortless vibe. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or strolling through the park, casual jumpsuits have your back.

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  1. Slay at Parties

Got a Christmas party or a bash on the calendar? Enter the party jumpsuit – your ticket to turning heads and stealing the spotlight. Glitter, sequins, or metallic finishes can take your jumpsuit game to the next level. Slip into a stunning jumpsuit, add some statement earrings, and strut your stuff. 


  1. Garden Party Perfection

Floral jumpsuits are like a match made in fashion heaven for those summery gatherings. From picnics to garden parties, a floral jumpsuit screams feminine charm. Pair it with wedge sandals and a floppy hat, and you’re ready to bloom in style. Soak up the sun while rocking those pretty florals – just remember to snap a pic for the ‘gram.

Kimono Knot Top Culotte Jumpsuit In Green Floral Print By Bella and Blue | £49.00



  1. Wedding Guest Glam

When it comes to jumpsuits for weddings, you’ve hit the jackpot. Long gone are the days when dresses were your only option. Slip into an elegant jumpsuit, add some killer heels, and you’re all set to dance the night away. Opt for solid colours or subtle prints to keep the sophistication level high. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a rogue gust of wind revealing too much.

  1. Winter Warmth

Winter jumpsuits are your secret weapon against the chilly weather. Who says you have to compromise style for warmth? Choose a jumpsuit with long sleeves and pair it with ankle boots and a cosy coat. You’ll be snug as a bug without sacrificing your fashion flair. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, throw on a beret for that Parisian chic touch.


  1. Culotte Comfort

Culotte jumpsuits are all about that quirky comfort. With their wide-legged cropped bottoms, these jumpsuits are perfect for a day of exploring the city or hitting up your favourite café. Pair them with chunky sneakers or cute ballet flats and you’ll be strutting your stuff in style and comfort.

Trixie Angel Sleeve Culotte Jumpsuit Navy Floral By Girl In Mind | £38.00



  1. Summer Lovin’

Ah, summer jumpsuits – the epitome of easy-breezy fashion. Light fabrics, vibrant prints, and sleeveless designs make these jumpsuits your best friends during the sunny season. Slip into a bright jumpsuit, add a straw hat and some oversized sunnies, and you’re ready to soak up the rays in style.

Exclusive Kimono Knot Top Culotte Jumpsuit In Black By Bella and Blue | £45.00



  1. Backless Beauty

For those who dare to bare, backless jumpsuits are here to make a statement. Perfect for date nights or a night out with your squad, these jumpsuits have a touch of sensuality about them. Just remember to grab some body tape to keep everything in place!


What Shoes To Wear With A Jumpsuit


Switching up your choice of shoes can effortlessly transition your jumpsuit look from casual to elegant, daytime to evening. Let’s explore various shoe options for different jumpsuit styles.


  1. Casual Jumpsuits

If you’re opting for a relaxed and casual jumpsuit, go for these footwear choices:

– Trainers: Classic white trainers or chunky trainers will lend a comfy-cool vibe to your jumpsuit look.

– Espadrilles: Perfect for summer, espadrilles bring a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Flat Sandals: Embrace the warm weather with stylish and comfy flat sandals. 


  1. Formal and Party Jumpsuits

For parties, events, or special gatherings, elevate your jumpsuit with these shoes:

– Stiletto heels: These are your allies when it comes to glamour and adding height.

– Block heels: Prioritise comfort without compromising style with a pair of block heels.

Strappy heels: Tailored for jumpsuits with wide legs or palazzo styles, strappy heels create an eye-catching contrast.


  1. Jumpsuits for Work

When you want to look professional, pair your jumpsuit with these work-appropriate shoe options:

– Pointed-toe flats: These look polished and will keep your feet comfy throughout the workday.

– Low heeled pumps: Opt for lower heels for an office-approved feel.


  1. Summer Jumpsuits

For sun-soaked days, these shoes have a laid-back summer vibe:

– Wedge sandals: These are perfect for a garden party, holiday or BBQ setting. 

– Slide sandals: An easy and effortless pairing for your summer jumpsuit.

– Ankle wrap sandals: Will add a touch of boho to your outfit. 


  1. Winter Jumpsuits

When braving chilly temperatures, combine comfort and style with these winter-appropriate shoe selections:

Ankle boots: A winter jumpsuit essential, ankle boots provide warmth and flair, making them a staple for colder days.

– Heeled boots: Elevate your winter jumpsuit look with heeled boots for added warmth and a leg-lengthening look.


  1. Backless Jumpsuits

For a sexy backless jumpsuits, try these shoe pairings:

– Strappy Sandals: Delicate and stylish, without drawing attention away from the backless detail.

– Mules: Cool and contemporary, these will allow the backless element to shine.



Jumpsuit FAQs


What To Wear Over A Jumpsuit

Layering over a jumpsuit provides versatility and style. Consider options like a classic denim jacket for a casual vibe, a cardigan for added warmth, a blazer for sophistication, a kimono for boho charm, or a leather jacket for an edgy touch. Experiment with different layering pieces to enhance your jumpsuit’s look, and adapt the choice based on the occasion and your personal style.


How To Tighten A Jumpsuit Without Sewing

To tighten a jumpsuit without sewing, you can use various creative solutions. First, try using a belt to cinch the waist and create a more tailored fit. Additionally, body tape can help secure loose fabric and prevent gaps in the outfit. Knotting the straps or using safety pins strategically can also provide a temporary solution for adjusting the fit. Experiment with these techniques to achieve a snug and stylish look without the need for sewing.


Are Jumpsuits Unflattering On Some Body Types?

Jumpsuits, like any clothing item, can be flattering when chosen to suit your body type and personal style. The key is finding the right fit and design that accentuates your body and flatters your shape. Opt for jumpsuits with defined waistlines, vertical patterns, and tailored cuts that create a balanced silhouette. Accessorising thoughtfully and choosing the appropriate footwear can also contribute to a stylish look. Remember, confidence is key, and embracing jumpsuits that make you feel comfortable and confident is what truly matters.


How Do You Wear A Jumpsuit When You’re Petite

If you’re petite, opt for jumpsuits with a tailored fit and a defined waist to avoid overwhelming your frame. Choosing a monochromatic outfit or a jumpsuit with vertical stripes can create the illusion of height. Select a jumpsuit with a slightly cropped or tapered leg to showcase your footwear and avoid swamping your proportions. Consider wearing nude heels or pointed-toe shoes to visually extend your legs. Lastly, keep accessories streamlined and avoid oversized elements that might overshadow your frame, letting you rock the jumpsuit with confidence.


How To Dress Up A Jumpsuit

Start by selecting a jumpsuit in a standout fabric, such as silk or velvet, and opt for solid colours or elegant prints. Add glamour with bold accessories like statement earrings, or a bright clutch. Elevate your footwear with strappy heels or sleek pumps to elongate your legs. A tailored blazer or a draped shawl can instantly add elegance, while a cinched belt will define your waist for a polished finish. 

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