SilkFred Reviews That Confirm What We Already Knew…


These SilkFred reviews confirm what we already knew. We work hard at SilkFred HQ to make sure we offer you the best products, service and experience we can. And we think we do a pretty good job of it…but we might be biased. So don’t listen to us, listen to these SilkFred customers instead, because they know better than us. Looking for SilkFred Trustpilot reviews? We’ll have a fresh batch for you every month to look at, or you’re welcome to look at the most recent ones here

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What do our customers love most about us? Here’s a collection of our favourite reviews

1. Unique Styles

Ever turned up to a party with the same dress as another guest? At SilkFred we aim to put an end to the potential of that nightmare situation. We stock over 800 independent brands with unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. 

We’re talking clothes that feel like one of a kind. Not ones that spawn an Instagram page because you can’t get away from other people wearing your favourite dress. Because imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it does make a dress feel less special.

2. Styling Videos

Like this SilkFred reviewer knows, we’re here to be your fashion friend. The one who always dresses well, and conveniently has an amazing wardrobe. From Try On Tuesdays to all of our styling videos, we’re here with fashion know-how to help you dress to impress. Buy that dress and style it like a pro.

3. Quality Products & Customer Service

We may be online, but we are run by real people. All the way through to our customer service team who work tirelessly to ensure you have everything you need. Contact us at any time between 9am-9pm on weekdays and various times over the weekend. From social, to email or live chat – we’re here to help. 

Drop us a line at if you’ve got a burning question that needs answering.

4. Easy Website & Returns


When you’re coming to us to find the perfect dress that’ll make you feel like a million dollars for that big event, we want to make it as easy as possible. Whether it’s our most loved collection curated by us for you, or dresses to suit your real life struggles, such as dresses you can breastfeed in. We’ve got your back.

We read the reviews, and you all asked, so we gave it to you. It’s been some time in the making, but this month we announced some pretty massive news. We now offer free returns. Yep, completely free. And you were almost as excited as we were with the news… 

5. We Make Sure You Feel The Best You Can

When it comes down to it all, we don’t do what we do for good reviews (even though we do love that part…) we do it so you feel the best version of yourself. All day, every day, no matter the occasion.

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