10 Things A Dinner Party Isn’t A Dinner Party Without

When heading to a dinner party, it’s advisable to remember a few things beforehand. This being to avoid feelings like utter shock, seeping disappointment, feeling surprised or just completely discombobulated. Please pay attention to the following SF lovers, this is to prepare you for what is to come:

1. There’s always that one friend who arrives unfashionably late, try not to stay mad at them for too long, even though it can be incredibly frustrating…

2. With all the left over food, one of you will ask for a doggy-bag, no doubt. Whether you’ll actually eat it the following day is the real question.

AMSTERDAM - Een doggybag. Natuur & Milieu gaat doggybags verspreiden onder restaurants. De milieuorganisatie wil in Nederland het taboe doorbreken dat rust op het mee naar huis nemen van overgebleven voedsel. ANP REMKO DE WAAL

3. Your wine glass is constantly being topped up. You’ll eventually lose count of how many glasses of that fine rose you’ve actually had. Enjoy, things will start to become funnier all of a sudden!

4. After a few too many, the embarrassing stories will start to come out. Prepare yourself, as this is inevitable, and pray they are not directed at you.

5. One of your friends is bound to become offended. Entertaining for the rest of you, devastating for them…

6. That’s when some friends chime in to remind them ‘chill, it’s just a joke‘. This in fact makes it worse, so steer clear of that drama.

7. Now is when you check out your friends to see who’s feeling the vino. Have a look at the one who usually drinks a tad too much… If it’s a girlfriend, she probably needs help in the bathroom. If it’s one of your guy friends, just wish the poor sod luck.

8. One of the couples could start arguing at any point now. They will slowly move into another room, when they return, don’t bother asking how she is, because the answer will most probably be ‘I‘m fine, we weren’t arguing, it’s just a discussion‘ or going in the opposite direction, something that can’t be spelt out on here.

9. It’s starting to get late now, half of you will want to move onto a club and the other half are ready for bed. Which do you choose? Dilema!


10. Eventually everyone will stumble out the door, quite disorientated, entertaining for any bystander out walking his dog or on his way home. All feeling unsure of the adventure that lies ahead, you face your fears! The ladies will all pray that being in the cold doesn’t last for long.


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