Here’s How To Clean Your Knitwear This Season

We are SO ready for cosy season to commence. Hot chocolates on the sofa, Gilmore Girls on repeat and knitwear on rotation. Who is with us?!

However, with the numerous knits we’ll be sporting, one question has popped into our mind: “How do we wash all of our knitwear correctly?!” The thought of our favourite jumpers and cardigans shrinking or unravelling is simply too much to bear.

Don’t worry, we have you covered as we’ve spoken to an absolute cleaning guru – Lynsey AKA Queen of Clean – to reveal how exactly we should be washing our knitwear, as well as handy hacks such as adding salt to your wash and how to unshrink a knitwear wash disaster…

How Often Should You Be Washing Your Knitwear?

“First things first, it’s important to know that it is best to wash your knitted clothing items every two to three wears.”

“You can get away with washing your knitwear less frequently than say your t-shirts and shirts, as usually you often wear a base layer underneath your knitwear which should absorb any oil or moisture.”

“However, washing them every three to four wears may be risky as the garments may have picked up numerous germs and bacterias, particularly if you’ve been wearing them outside of the house.”

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What Is The Best Way To Wash Knitwear? 

It may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who don’t always follow the care label instructions. Always, always check what it says as you may be surprised what is classed as hand wash and what isn’t.”

“Also, if it is machine washable, it’s wise to use a knitwear specific laundry detergent and make sure you use the delicate or knitwear setting on your machine.”

“You should also save up your knitwear and wash them together, ensuring you don’t mix them with other items that could cause damage such as zips or bra clasps.”

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What Happens If Your Knitwear Shrinks?

“If you happen to have a knitwear disaster then this handy hack might help revive your items…”

“You will simply need to soak your knitwear in cold water with a measure of fabric conditioner mixed in with the water. Leave overnight and in the morning, wring out and try and stretch it back into shape. Your knitwear should then be salvaged!”

Should I Be Doing Something Specific With Coloured Knitwear?

“When it comes to colours, always ensure you wash your items inside out and opt for a colour catcher – you can pick them up cheap on Amazon or even at the supermarket.”

“Some people may shy away from fabric conditioners as they believe it can affect bright colours but it actually has the opposite effect as it manages to make colours last longer; just ensure you’re using the right measure as using too much can sometimes cause fading.”

“Colour fading or bleeding is usually caused by washing items on temperature settings that are too high. When this happens, the heat strips the colour. To avoid your dark colour knitwear fading, add in some sea salt to your wash – trust me!”

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How To Store And Look After Your Knitwear In Between Washes 

When it comes to storing your knitwear, always ensure you fold it so your items maintain shape. Never, ever hang knitwear on a hanger as it will lose its shape extremely quickly. There’s nothing worse than your favourite jumper’s neck becoming all baggy!”

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