Which Type Of Shoe Lover Are You?

When choosing what to wear, we appropriate our attire with our personality, we may not know we are doing this but it is so. One part of our outfit that certainly gives away tell-tale signs about our personalities are our shoes.

Here is a list of some of our favourite shoes on SilkFred right now, each of us like a certain style over another for many reasons. You don’t necessarily have to prefer only one style, as being the fashionistas that we are, versatility adds spice to ones wardrobe…

Oh So Girlie Chic

A lover of pretty designs, comfortable classics over modern designs any day. Longevity is more important than the trend of the moment. Seeking an effortlessly stylish look, you can imagine yourself or someone sitting in a nice bistro or having an afternoon stroll.



Risk Taker

Not afraid to take risks and try out new daring styles. Everyday is a fashion show and wanting to look like a style queen is out of the question.


Chunky Monkey

Bulk over delicateness. Away with pumps, a good pair of flats that have a bit of ‘character’ to them are just the ticket. A quirky style with a chunky platform it is. Creepers, Doc Martins, and all of the above are a little bit of fashion heaven.


– Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Funky and glamorous, what’s not to love? A fan of sparkles and everything eye catching.


– Talking Point

A nice pair of pointed slip ons or ankle boots are the way to go. Sophisticated and stylish, getting straight to the point is the way to go.


– Outdoorsy Gal

Breathing in fresh air is a little bit of heaven, be it exercising or strolling. Comfort and ease over the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory. Functional but fun!


It’s funny how something so simple as our footwear can define us in such accurate ways. Some of us spend a lot of time choosing what to wear, taking it very seriously, while others will opt for comfort and classics, avoiding the passing of trends, or who know, we can be a mix in between.

SF Team x

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