How To Choose Your Maid Of Honour Dress

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Are you a bride-to-be scouting out the perfect dress for your Maid of Honour? Or a newly designated Maid of Honour (congrats!) searching for dress inspo? Either way, tracking down the ideal Maid of Honour’s dress is a special part of wedding preparations. As the bride’s right hand woman, the Maid of Honour holds an important place in the bridal party and ceremony – so her outfit should be one that she feels a million dollars in. 


In this blog post, we’ll delve into what to consider when selecting the right dress for your Maid of Honour – a process that combines personal style, wedding aesthetics, and the joy of celebrating friendship. 

Options For Maid Of Honour Dresses

Maid of honour dresses come in a variety of styles, accommodating different preferences, body types, and wedding themes. Here are some common types to think about:


  1. A-Line Dresses

   – Flattering for various body types, A-line dresses have a fitted bodice that gradually flares out from the waist, creating an “A” shape.

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  1. Empire Waist Dresses

   – Featuring a high waistline just below the bust, empire waist dresses then flow into a loose, flowing skirt. This style is great for creating a lengthening effect.

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  1. Ballgown Dresses

   – Characterised by a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt, ballgown dresses offer a classic and dramatic look, often associated with fairy-tale weddings.

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  1. High-Low Dresses

   – Featuring a shorter hem in the front and a longer hem in the back, high-low dresses add a trendy and modern touch to the bridal party.


  1. Mismatched Dresses

   – Brides are increasingly opting for mismatched dresses, allowing each bridesmaid to choose a style or colour that suits her, while still maintaining a cohesive look.


  1. Lace Dresses

    – Lace adds a touch of romance and sophistication to bridesmaid dresses. Whether as an overlay or the main fabric, lace dresses are timeless.


  1. Sequin or Metallic Dresses

    – Perfect for a touch of glamour, sequin or metallic dresses add sparkle and can be suitable for more formal or evening weddings.

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  1. Bohemian Dresses

    – Flowy and often with a relaxed fit, bohemian-style dresses are perfect for outdoor or beach weddings. They typically feature airy fabrics and floral details.


  1. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

    – Off-the-shoulder dresses expose the shoulders and collarbone, creating a romantic and elegant neckline.

  1. Strapless Dresses

    – Timeless and classic, strapless dresses showcase the shoulders and neckline, providing a versatile and chic option.


What is a “Maid of Honour”?


A Maid of Honour is a key role in a wedding ceremony, typically given to a close friend or family member of the bride. The Maid of Honour is often responsible for various pre-wedding and wedding day tasks, offering emotional support to the bride, and assisting in the smooth execution of the wedding festivities. Some common duties of a Maid of Honour include helping with wedding planning, organising bridal events like the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and standing by the bride’s side during the ceremony.

On the wedding day, the Maid of Honour traditionally stands closest to the bride, usually holding her bouquet and ensuring her dress and appearance are picture-perfect. The role of the Maid of Honour is both symbolic and practical, embodying the strong bond between the bride and her chosen confidante. The title may vary depending on cultural or regional traditions; for example, in some places, the term “Matron of Honour” is used if the person is married, while “Maid of Honour” is used for an unmarried individual.


Does the Maid of Honour wear a different dress to the bridesmaids?


There’s no strict rules when it comes to the Maid of Honour’s dress. She may wear a slightly different dress than the bridesmaids to distinguish her role as a special and unique part of the bridal party – but that decision is down to the bride’s personal preference. Differentiating the Maid of Honour’s dress from the rest could involve variations in colour, style, or embellishments while still complementing the overall theme or colour scheme of the wedding.

However, modern wedding trends embrace more flexibility and creativity. Some brides prefer a cohesive look with the entire bridal party wearing identical dresses, while others opt for a mix-and-match approach, allowing each member to express their individual style within certain guidelines.

Ultimately, the decision on whether the Maid of Honour wears a different dress depends on the bride’s preference, the overall wedding theme, and the desired aesthetic for the bridal party. Communication between the bride and Maid of Honour is key to ensure everyone is on the same page and feels comfortable with the chosen attire.


Does the Maid of Honour wear a different colour dress?


The choice of whether the Maid of Honour wears a different colour dress compared to the bridesmaids depends on the bride’s preferences and the overall wedding theme. We’ve run through some options below from how the Maid of Honour’s dress may differ from the rest of the bridal party.

  1. Matching Colours: The Maid of Honour may wear the same colour as the bridesmaids but with a different style or additional details to set her apart.
  1. Different Colour in the Same Palette: The Maid of Honour might wear a dress in a different but complementary shade within the same colour palette as the bridesmaids.
  1. Completely Different Colour: In some cases, especially if the bride prefers a bold and distinctive look, the Maid of Honour may wear a completely different colour that still complements the overall wedding theme.
  1. Identical Dresses: On the other hand, modern trends also embrace the idea of the entire bridal party, including the Maid of Honour, wearing identical dresses.
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