Alison Fern Jewellery

Alison started experimenting with making jewellery as a creative outlet while working in the London Art world. Inspired by the ever-changing and creative environment, she started to make her own mini pieces of art. Her childhood however was spent playing and dreaming by the Suffolk coastline and through her designs she hopes to marry the influence of the romanticism of nature and the urban and vibrant side of the city. She uses quality materials so the jewellery albeit wearable and low-key, can be a lasting investment. Alison creates delicate and feminine pieces yet with a modern and bold feel. 'The spirit of my jewellery is intended to encompass sophistication and elegance with quality and individuality’. Whether choosing one of the dainty pieces or a bolder design.....The signature style is always delicious and always refined. Elegant with a tiny helping of edge and carefully handcrafted in the London studio.

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