House of Zana

Purchasing a House of Zana garment is more than just buying a piece of fashion. It is buying a long design process - carefully thought-out cutting, a mixture of machine and hand stitching. It is buying our ideals. We strongly believe the art of craftsmanship is still alive and we strive to combine the talents of our design team with the talents of our dressmakers to bring you new and unique pieces in all of our collections. Handmade literally means handmade here at House of Zana. Our specialist team hand selects all the fabrics to ensure they will move with grace against the body and feel luxurious to the touch, making sure our customers feel as good as they look in our designs.

The chosen fabric is then taken to begin the cutting process. For this we first cut out patterns for each section of the design and carefully measure each segment of the piece to ensure the length and fit will accentuate the feminine form in the most elegant way. Once we have worked with a mannequin to create the exact shape we want, after a lot of discussion, the dressmakers finalise the design through a combination of hand stitching and machine stitches.

All of this leads to one finalised sample, but there is still a long way to go. The sample is then tried on a variety of models to see how it fits on different body types and if there are any design factors that could be altered. If the piece makes it past this point it is good to go and the seamstresses can begin making more following the same steps as before. It is a long process but we believe it is worth every step and our goal is always to create beautifully feminine pieces that compliment the natural beauty of a woman’s body.

Purchasing a House of Zana garment means being a part of this process and this dream. We thank you for supporting handmade and the craft of dressmaking.

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