Luna Love London

Emily Letts began Luna Loves' journey in 2015 at the same time she was working as a graphic designer in London. With the city's effortless and cool style spreading across the streets she felt that there was something missing within the accessories market.

Designed in London and inspired by the world, the collection takes playful textures, materials and patterns to create unique accessories. Luna Love takes inspiration from the diverse culture of London; from casual city workers, Camden punks, cool kids in Soho and underground music influencing Shoreditch's new wave fashion.

Luna Love is passionate about pushing fashion boundaries with a wide range of chic clutch bags, practical wallets, festival-friendly backpacks and stylish belt bags!

Our customer's style is an expression of their personality; with a fusion of elegant chic to an avant-garde female who isn't afraid to be noticed.

With Luna Loves' covet arm candy, you'll be the apple of everyone's eye!

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