Xander Kostroma

Xander is inspired by the world around him. His brand reflects his love for nature using elements of wood, rattan, semi precious stones and mother of pearl detailing.

All design and development starts in Xander's home studio in Portugal. Once a sample is finalized, production is passed over to his friend Lydia who's based in Handen City. Lydia also works from her home studio. She's a young business owner and mum, and when her children are asleep, she makes jewellery.

Once production is finished, the goods are shipped to the warehouse manager at the Swansea office. Tory, is also a young mum who picks, lovingly packs and sends out all orders with help from her part-time assistant.

Xander and Tory are good friends for more than 15+ years! They met and bonded over their love for music at day festival in Swansea.

Explore more on instagram @XanderKostromaLifestyle!

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