How to Tie a Wrap Dress? The Definitive Answer

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Loved for their flattering, waist-cinching fit, wrap dresses effortlessly combine comfort and style. Whether you’re preparing for a summer brunch or an evening event, wrap dresses have you covered. This guide is your ticket to mastering the art of tying and styling wrap dresses, including midi and maxi variations, as well as long sleeve options. Let’s get started!

How to Tie a Wrap Dress

Follow these simple steps to become a wrap dress tying pro:

  1. Put on your dress:

    Start by slipping into your wrap dress and ensuring it’s adjusted to your body’s proportions.

  1. Cross and wrap:

    Take the left side of the dress and cross it diagonally over your body to the right side. Wrap it around your back and bring it back to the front.

  1. Secure with a knot or tie:

    Depending on the dress design, you can tie it with a knot or fasten it with a tie on the side. Make sure it’s snug but not uncomfortably tight.

  1. Adjust to flatter:

    Gently adjust the top part of the dress to fit your bust perfectly. You can tweak the tightness by retying the knot or adjusting the tie.

How To Tie Wrap Dresses In Different Ways

The beauty of wrap dresses is their adaptability. Experiment with these creative tie variations:

  1. The standard way: Take the left tie and loop it through the hole, then feed it around. We recommend going around twice so that it’s really secure. Then, tie it at the side so that it’s lined up with the slit – there you have it!
  2. The kimono way: This way doesn’t require looping anything through, you just take the two sides and tie them together to get a ruched effect. Then, go over (as shown in the video) so that everything is covered. Wrap it around the back and tie it at the front in a secure bow. This is a casual way of wearing the dress – you can style it with a slip underneath or wear it over jeans.
  3. The plunge way: Like the kimono style, take the two ties and pull them to get a ruched effect. Take the bottom tie and loop it through the hole, like you would normally. Get it into place again, wrap it around the back and meet again at the front – just so everything is in place. Again, finish it by tying at the back. Voila! We’ve a plunge effect but nothing on show.

Missed a step? No worries! Watch the “How to Tie a Wrap Dress” video below to nail those looks.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of tying wrap dresses. These techniques offer you endless possibilities to personalise your look. Whether you’re a fan of midi wrap dresses, maxi wrap dresses, or even long sleeve variations, now you have the tools to create unique ensembles that match your style and personality. 

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