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Heroldian Jewellery

Heroldian Jewellery is generally about an appreciation for antique objects, giving them a new life and relevancy in our contemporary world. I have always been drawn to antique shops and markets. Wherever in the world I would be, my 6th sense led me to some quirky old shops piled up to the roof with weird and wonderful things. I am particularly fond of antique jewellery and therefore started collecting unusual pendants. This Antique hunting skill is the base for Heroldian Jewellery. With a Master in History of Art I am mainly inspired by antique art and design. However, Heroldian Jewellery also reflects upon my roots, which are a combination of growing up being surrounded by amazing art and objects as well as spending a great deal of time in the beautiful Highlands. And living in London, with so many accessible collections and the Victoria and Albert Museum just on my doorstep, makes it possible to be influenced by many different cultures as well.

I hope you enjoy my collection, and feel free to get in touch for collaborations, press, commissions, or a even just a cup of tea (vino bianco?). Mausi xx