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Daisy Lilah…….. A Brixton based fashion designer

My background in history, textiles and art has given me a growing fascination for traditional costume and textile methods. Three years studying design has enabled me to learn the foundations of pattern cutting and making and inspired me to design clothes

The world of Lilah aims to explore the traditional textile roots of three very different countries - Britain (Lilah), India (Maha) and Kenya (Dalila). Each country unique and with a vast and different textile story offers irresistible opportunities to follow many different routes. Lilah will give an insight into the lives and culture of different societies and translate them into wearable contemporary designs. Each garment or accessory designed by Lilah hopes to pay tribute to their culture and to celebrate the creativity of the peoples of these countries.

For me Lilah is a wearable exhibiton of the magnificent and diverse textile world around us.