Laura Jessica.

Laura Jessica is a British brand which focuses on quality, luxury and craftsmanship. Focusing on hand skills we able to celebrate British heritage and draw focus towards the modern consumer whilst embedding traditions. By using laborious techniques such as saddle stitch, we embed each piece with worth and integrity, building upon our beliefs of longevity and the prolonging the life of our precious belongings. By showing respect for the materials, we allow them to take on new life forms and new purposes.

Laura Jessica is based in Peterborough, UK. She studied her degree at De Montfort University studying Fashion Fabrics and Accessories and completed with a Distinction. The course enabled her to develop a range of skills including print, embellishment and moulding plastics. She then went onto complete her Masters in MA Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion with a Merit. Her love of hand crafting products from materials that were once living is very important to her, to create artefacts with meaning, giving them integrity, life and meaning.

Each piece is crafted from the highest quality full grain leather and is sourced from a local tannery.

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