Laya-t is the latest in luxury shapewear creating visibly smooth silhouettes whilst providing the perfect wardrobe solution for layering. Soft fabric provides medium support, giving a beautiful slimming effect. Starting under the bust, finishing at the hips it's unique strapless, longer length shape makes Laya-t perfect for partnering with crop tees, sweat tops and sheer shirts leaving a clear shoulder, strap free. Laya-t is worn over your jeans and leggings. Essential fabric is from Italy and Luxe from a family lace mill in New England. Manufactured in Portugal. Caroline is a stylist and graduate in Design from the London College of Fashion. She concentrates on shape and fabric performance.

How to wear Laya-t

1. Starts under the bust - stops at the hips.

2. Step into it and adjust length as you like.

3. Place at bra line all the way round your body. It should hug perfectly, sitting over jeans/leggings.

5. Then layer with a favourite top.

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