5 Reasons This Dress Is Insanely Popular


Do you remember the film, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? You know, where the same group of friends all miraculously fit into the same pair of jeans? Well, we know a dress that’s a bit like that. No, it’s not one size fits all, but it does seem like anyone who puts it on just happens to looking amazing in it. Short or tall, big boobs, small boobs, 18 or 88… literally. Everyone. It’s called the Yondal dress, it’s a long sleeve midi dress by cult brand Dancing Leopard, and it’s consistently been one of the most popular styles on SilkFred since it debuted in 2018. So, it begs the question: Why so popular? What draws women of every age, height, shape, and cup size to this dress? Well we did a bit of hardcore investigative journalism for you and found out.



Dresses you can wear every month of the year are hard to come by but with the exclusion of random heatwaves, the Yondal is one of them. It’s lightweight material is breathable enough for spring/summer, but the midi length and long sleeves mean it’s a winter winner too. Wear on it’s own in summer with a black loafer during the day or a barely-there sandal after dark. Switch to boots when puddle-season begins and throw an a leather jacket for an edgy finish.

Midi dress in green leopard


2. No height restrictions

In an ideal world, dresses would come with a label that says ‘must be this height to wear this dress’. But instead, the taller and shorter than average among us are left with a lot of guesswork (and a lot of returns). It’s another reason the Yondal is so popular – it’s in between a midi and maxi length so falls a little below the knee on taller frames, and closer to the ankle if you’re Petite. The high slit through the middle keeps it from going into old-maid territory, all balanced with a longer length and sleeves.



3. Cleavage control

We’re very much of the ‘to each their own’ school of philosophy when it comes to your boobs. Whether you want full coverage, or a deep plunge, you can adjust how you wrap the Yondal to suit your own style. Or mix it up depending on your mood.

4. Breastfeeding-friendly

Maternity clothing is generally a sad gallery of baggy t-shirts, leggings and a few floral smocks thrown in for good measure, none of which are very practical when you’re nursing. We’ve got a whole section on SilkFred dedicated to amazing dresses that just happen to also be breastfeeding-friendly. And shocker, the Yondal dress is among them.

5. Super versatile

If you’ve ever worn a dress you absolutely loved to a wedding, only to leave it lying in your wardrobe for the rest of eternity, you’re not alone. One of the things we love most about the Yondal is that it works for so many social situations. We’ve seen customers wear it to weddings, work, brunch dates, birthdays, Race days, Christenings… we could go on.

That concludes our investigation.  Think the Yondal dress has put up a solid case? You might like to know that also comes in 16 other prints and colours.




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  • Very nice dress but I bet it’s not within my price range? In other words,I bet it costs more than £15.00

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