The Ultimate Rainy Wedding Guide

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Wedding season is here and although we may have hoped for blue skies and a temperature that will allow us to avoid lugging layers from welcome drinks to ceremony to lunch to the dancefloor it’s very likely British weather will have other plans.


It is fair to say that most of us have picked our wedding guest outfit prior to the big day and with forecasts ever changeable, we’ve had to rethink and prepare for any weather. 


But how can we adapt to the rain in the chicest way possible?


To help navigate the possibility of a rainy wedding day, we’ve spoken to Megan Watkins, Head Stylist here at SilkFred, who has shared her top 4 tips to stay dry without compromising on your overall look.


Megan says: A rainy forecast needn’t be a cause for panic or a reason to splash out on an entirely new outfit. Making a few small tweaks and thinking ahead will help you prepare for the potential of a rainy wedding day.”


Rainy Wedding Outfit Ideas


1) Find a coordinating jacket

The last thing you want to be at a wedding is uncomfortable. And that means keeping warm too. No one wants to be shivering all day, waiting for a kind groomsman to offer you his suit jacket, be your own best friend by sourcing a light jacket or cardigan that will blend seamlessly with your wedding ensemble.


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Megan recommends: “Finding something appropriate that will keep you warm doesn’t mean that you have to rethink your entire outfit or that you will ruin the look you’ve already decided on. If anything, looking for something last minute when you realise that it won’t be as warm as you once thought is a recipe for a fashion disaster.”

“Have a look at what colours you’re already wearing and find an item that compliments this. For example, a light cardigan that is the same colour as your shoes or handbag will offer a seamless look, whilst still making your dress the main event.”


2) Invest in a cute umbrella

The worst has happened – it’s raining and the majority of the wedding is scheduled to be outside. To avoid resorting to a shapeless rain poncho or frumpy anorak, look at fun umbrellas that will add to your overall look.


Megan recommends: “If it’s raining, an umbrella is a much better bet than a raincoat if you want to stay chic and as dry as you possibly can. Like finding something to keep you warm, you can look for an umbrella that has similar colours in it to your outfit.”

“I would recommend finding an umbrella that is relatively easy to carry around – one that you can fit in your handbag would be optimal. I would just avoid going for something too big that will obstruct views and get on the other guests’ nerves.”


3) Go for a wet-look hairstyle 

Slicked back hairstyles are super in at the moment, so you might already be planning on pulling off this super simple style. With this gelled look you could get drenched and no-one would be able to tell the difference.


Megan suggests: “A slicked-back hairstyle will avoid any hair disasters – such as a dampened and flat bouncy blow dry or a frizzy sleek flat-ironed look. This super sleek look works really well with a range of different neck-lines such as square cut or a halter neck.

“Slicked back or wet-look hairstyles also look good with statement jewellery – big hoops and short-chained necklaces especially. This is a great hairstyle if you want to go big on the accessories. I would recommend using a strong-hold styling gel and fine-toothed comb to tame any baby hairs or flyaways.”


4) Wear the right kind of shoes 

After the dress, shoes are the most important component of your wedding outfit. They can also be pretty expensive and you want to get some good wear out of them too, so to keep your shoes mud-free and avoid any embarrassing slips, consider if your footwear is really right for the occasion (and the weather).  


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Megan suggests: “If the location of your wedding is somewhere that has grass, it’s very likely if there’s been a lot of rain around, that there will be a strong presence of mud. In order to avoid a muddy foot or getting your heel stuck in the wet grass, I would suggest going for a smaller heel – like a kitten heel. The smaller heel will keep you more balanced and won’t sink in the same way a stiletto would.

“Kitten heels are still a big no-no for many of us so if you’re set on high heels, you can always invest in plastic heel protectors which will stop you sinking into mud and getting your shoe dirty.”


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