Non-Boring Workwear Pieces For Autumn

Indecisive weather, muggy commutes, random showers followed by bouts of sunshine… yeah, autumn is not a straight-forward season when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. And when you throw dress codes into the mix, it becomes even more of a minefield. We can totally understand why you might want to surrender to a work uniform of crisp white shirts and black trousers. But thanks to sleek wide-leg jumpsuits, silky power blouses and bold roll necks, it is possible to inject personality into your work wardrobe whilst still being office apropos. Here’s five key pieces to prove it.

1. The white shirt alternative

We’re not hating on a classic white shirt. Love a classic white shirt. But in the interest of not defaulting to the obvious, let us introduce you to the silky white blouse. It’s lightweight enough for pre-freezing temperatures but covered-up enough to leave the house sans-jacket. We love it with these faux leather trousers, but if your workplace is not that kinda office, these desk-friendly alternatives are a solid compromise.

Workwear blouse in zebra print
High neck blouse in silver

2. Trousers? Check!

If you already have 12 pairs of black trousers, it might be time to branch out. We’re really into these belted check trousers with an orange side-stripe. They’re smart enough for any office but don’t carry the dull + predictable tag. And because the orange check takes care of the interesting part, you can go super simple with the rest of the outfit to keep it nice and clean. Black cami, simple black shoe, and you’re done!

Check work trousers
Cropped trousers in check

3. A bold roll neck

One easy way to jazz up your workwear wardrobe is to choose classic silhouettes, but go off-piste with one aspect. Like a tailored blazer, but in neon, or a classic white shirt with an exaggerated puff-sleeve. This bright orange roll neck is a great example of this. We love it with a dark wash straight leg jean, but we’d probably go these wide leg trousers for work.

Roll neck in orange
Fitted roll neck in orange

4. Wear-anywhere jumpsuit

We love any outfit that means we can snooze one more time in the morning. Hence why we love a done-in-one jumpsuit. This sleeveless teal option is ideal for right now. It’s cool enough for the commute but the autumnal tone keeps it away from “too summery” territory.

Teal jumpsuit
Sleeveless wide-leg jumpsuit in teal

5.  Blazer squad

A good suit will instantly make you feel put-together, not an easy task if you’re nursing a midweek hangover. This oversized blazer from Riffraff clothing is top of our list for sunnier autumn days. Plus, it’ll hold up in spring as well. Sold.

blue blazer
Oversized blazer in blue




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