5 Outfits to Wear When Working At Home (That Aren’t Pyjamas)

Work From Home Outfit With Maxi Shirt Dress
Maxi Shirt Dress

If you find yourself working from home, it can be very tempting not to change out of your jim jams. You wanna be comfy right? Whilst we are definitely here for comfort, popping on daytime clothes can help to get you motivated and ready for the day’s work.

We’ve put together five outfit suggestions for work from home days that we think you’ll happily swap out your PJs for. Let’s get to work.

1. All Black With A Wild Side

Looks can be deceiving. These black leather look trousers may look skin tight, but are made from a stretch fabric that is super comfortable. Paired with a simple black high neck top, you’ve achieved a chic daytime look in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. Finish it off with a leopard print scarf for a little pop of colour.

Work From Home Outfit with Leather Trousers and Scarf
Black Wax Coated Jeans | Black Turtleneck Top | Leopard Print Scarf

2. The Wonder Dress

This maxi shirt dress is the perfect does-it-all piece. The flowy design has buttons all down the front, and is nipped in at the waist with an adjustable belt: you can tweak it to fit just how you like. Relaxed yet stylish, this is casual workwear done right.

Work From Home Outfit With Maxi Shirt Dress
Maxi Shirt Dress

3. In Case Of Conference Calls

A work call might be in your schedule, but this doesn’t mean you have to ditch comfortable clothes. Styling an adjustable wrap skirt with an oversized blazer says ‘I mean business, even from my sofa.’

Work From Home Outfit With Blazer And Skirt
Black Blazer | Wrap Skirt

4. Layering, Layering, Layering

Your eyes aren’t tricking you: you’ve seen these styles before. However, you can take these pieces and create an entirely different look. The leather look jeans and turtleneck top remain the base of the outfit, but switch up the maxi shirt dress and style it as a lightweight throw over. It’s playful, comfy and we love it.

Work From Home Outfit With Maxi Dress And Leather Trousers
Wax Coated Jeans | Black Turtleneck Top | Maxi Shirt Dress

5. Even More Layering (This Time, With Knitwear)

We. Love. Jumpsuits. And we think they’re the perfect comfy piece for a work from home day. To add another level of snug, throw on a warm cosy jumper. It’s almost like wearing a blanket, but without the risk of dozing off.

Work From Home Outfit With Jumpsuit And Jumper
Jumpsuit | White Jumper
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