FERA Jewellery

FERA Jewellery is a handmade jewellery brand born out of a fascination for the alchemical properties of metal and gemstones. Created by Jo Gordon, a British designer maker, as a creative expression of her intrigue for the magic, the rituals and the mythology in many cultures.

Having studied traditional jewellery making techniques at the renowned School of jewellery, Jo launched FERA in 2014 and leads something of a nomadic lifestyle through her passion for travel and foreign cultures. This global wandering has greatly influenced her work, whether it be when scouring a Moroccan bazaar, sunset surfing in front of a Hindu temple or bartering over precious stones in Sri Lanka. She is greatly interested in esoteric concepts and beliefs about the metaphysical world; the beauty of natures creations, ancient spiritualism and the search for a deeper connection

A hand crafted piece of FERA jewellery is a modern day talisman; an artistic expression of the mystical in our everyday lives. Full of powerful symbolism that makes a bold fashion statement within the world of fashion accessories.

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