Hellen van Rees

Hellen van Rees is a brand for an elegant woman, who is also not afraid of wearing really incredible and sometimes outrageous textiles. She has an understanding of fashion, but also wants to wear special handmade products and is conscious of the environment.

Hellen van Rees is a Dutch fashion designer who launched an eponymous label back in 2012 upon her graduation from the prestigious MA at Central Saint Matins in London. Prior to that Hellen van Rees achieved a BA in Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

During her studies she experimented wildly with shapes, techniques and different materials, A passion for textures and contrast lies in the heart of her work. Next to that a consciousness and sensitivity to the environment and critical approach to consumerism play an important part in her work. The lack of high-end, contemporary, innovative fashion labels with an eye for the environment is one of the reasons why Hellen decided to start her own label.

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