Opes Robur

Opes Robur are a leading independent Jewellers based in London, UK. Creating timeless and unique jewellery for the standout individual, many pieces are meticulously crafted by hand from a variety of different components. No matter how difficult or complex it may be, there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity.

This is shown through the famous Opes Robur signature screw cuff bracelet, which offers a bold statement without being confused or complex. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the world around them, Founders Jake Allen & Patrick McCann built their elegant empire vowing to create jewellery that was bold, yet elegant, minimalistic yet timeless and would offer both men and women fashion and luxury jewellery for any imaginable occasion. Every piece is carefully crafted to captivate any eyes that lay upon it because at the end of the day, you were born to stand out.

With the ability to create some of the worlds finest personalised jewellery, you can be assured every piece will be as individual as you. From a personalised engraving on one of our classic screw cuff bracelets to an “I love you” inside one of our sterling silver or rose gold vermeil stacking rings, add an individual touch and indulge into a world of luxury.

A collection as unique as you, a power to invoke thoughts and captivate the attention of others. Opes Robur - timeless jewellery, pieces you will wear for a lifetime.

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