Posh Totty Designs

Alice Rivers-Cripps, jewellery designer and mother of two (Oli and Roo) started up her boutique Posh Totty Designs in 2006 and has grown from being just her, to a team of 18 jewellers, 3 shops and a fabulous team. Alice realised what she wanted to do after travelling to Mexico with only $60 in her pocket. She worked for some local Mayan jewellers who taught her everything she knows. Two years later when she had made and sold enough to pay for a flight home to the UK, Alice chose to use the skills she was taught to develop her own personal style and Posh Totty Designs was born. Alice makes lovely meaningful keepsakes rather than jewellery that is "in fashion one moment and out the next". All her pieces are unique to the wearer and handmade to order.

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