VOYA is a love of travel, fashion and people combined.

Travel is the energy that ignites the creativity of the contemporary British designers at VOYA. Drawing inspiration from new destinations each season, VOYA creates travel orientated fashion, designing versatile wardrobe essentials made for people on the go, and to last beyond the season.

Using natural fibres and sustainable fabrics with ethical production, VOYA offers a smart solution to your traditional travel wardrobe. Specialising in quick drying natural fabrics, for those impromptu ocean dips and multi-wear pieces, with VOYA you can still look stylish no matter how light you’ve packed.

Determined that their impact on the world comes not just from encouraging people to buy better, VOYA also educate their community on sustainable living & responsible tourism, which in turn benefits the destinations and the local people all over the world. Giving back to make where we live a better place.

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