Hi, I am Jo and I am the person behind the brand. I have been making clothes for as long as can remember. I studied fashion and textiles design in Liverpool and graduated in 2006 with a first class honours. After graduating I realised all the jobs in fashion would be working towards other peoples ideas and vision and I had far too many of my own to do that! I felt like the high street shops had all the same mundane clothes and designer pieces were far too expensive for everyone to enjoy. That is when I realised if I felt like this maybe others did to? So I decided to launch my own brand.

Since then my ethos has not changed. I pride myself in coming up with original designs that you will not find anywhere else and also have a reasonable price point that reflects the amount of time and energy that goes into creating each piece. Everything is made in house by us. Non of our styles are mass produced or bought in ‘of the peg’ from wholesalers. Therefore when you shop with us you can be sure you are buying an original piece that you will not see in other shops. With soo much fashion being ‘fast fashion’ we hope that your Bullet pieces will remain timeless wardrobes staples for years to come. Holiday kaftans that you can pull out each year or a favourite dress that is your go to when you have a special event.

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