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Unique fashion from the best independent brands
Unique fashion from the best independent brands

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Why our customers love it
  • Love SilkFred

    I love SilkFred. The app is really easy to use. So much choice and the quality of the clothes are brilliant. The prices are great and I have loved everything I have ordered. I would highly recommend.


  • Makes SilkFred even better!

    I love this app. My favourite bit is the 'how to wear' videos, all really to find in a tab at the bottom. Really easy to navigate as well and the 'what's new' and 'discovery' tabs have let me discover new brands!


  • Perfect for finding hidden gems

    I love the app because - it’s great for scrolling without refining search and finding gems. Grab a cuppa and have a scroll, it's perfect for relaxing and shopping & treating yourself. Love it!!!! X